Bertha Jorkins
Former Hufflepuff and proud.

August 31st 2014

The other Valentine


"Alright, so.. which one are we making jealous, again?" Slightly sour legs tensed underneath the walnut wood table that was only one of many in the Three Broomsticks, as if to push up the rest of the young man they belonged to. Although he only budged an inch or so forward, Sturgis Podmore let his eyes roam the room, in case the answer was written on the wall. Sure, there was nothing wrong with impressing some guy to up Bertha’s confidence (and, apparently, market value, but Sturgis was not quite sure in what way he was the right choice to accomplish that); but after all, said lad would also have to pass the dragon tamer’s standards if he wanted to date his little sister in the end. Needing to be made jealous was not a plus point to begin with.

Since he had graduated some five years ago, Bertha was one of Sturgis’ only permanent links to Hogwarts along with the Order members who worked there - but she was different, of course, their meetings being of a much more intimate, friendly nature. He had watched her grow from a little girl all the way to, well - the admittedly rather attractive and no doubt beautiful young lady she was now. Who knew what some of these teenage creeps would do to get at her. Though the tamer was usually rather laid-back (knowing damn well that Bertha had teeth and claws, too), she was one of his weak points.

Nevertheless, it was fun to be back in the Broomsticks, and fun to play pretend they were on a date while two whole tables filled with her classmates took turns staring over more or less stealthily. Time to get away from the war, away from the separation with Rosie, away from the dragons, even. Alright, maybe not so much the dragons. Sturgis turned his gaze to one of the more recent burns on his forearm. “They look a bit like house elves. With their eyes popping out and all”, he said, referring to Bertha’s classmates, and then laughed as if their conversation had turned particularly funny and flirty. “And if the freckled one stares at your chest once more I’m going to have to curse his butt.”


The lipstick stained butterbeer glass rested between her hands as she shifted on her chair. “The black hair one with the glasses.” she whispered not looking to the direction of the described guy. Although Bertha seem smiley and most of the time confident, the girl did had her shyness around boys which was why she always ask her best friend to help her with the whole topic. Sturgis was always there for her since she could remember, ever since a more petite Bertha with pigtails bump into the boy. He is the person she trust the most and although Rita is also her friend, there were things that in a way felt weird sharing with her, with him nothing felt like that. They could talk about the stupidest thing to the most sensitive topic and still be completely comfortable with it.

Bertha laughed almost spitting her drink with the elves comparison. “Stub” she giggled whiping her mouth with the cloth napkin in case there was some beer. “I swear, I can’t drink or eat anything in front of you without the danger of choking.” Her lips curl into a smile and her hand stretched to reach his, so they seem more close in front of the eyes of Thomas. “Oh he does that all the time, he freaks me out. I swear I will star wearing turtle neck shirts to see if that way he stops.” She lowered her tone “He  is staring…” meaning the guy she wanted to catch the attention of. She giggled one more time making it seem Stub was saying some sort of joke.

August 31st 2014


Holland-Lydia na We Heart It.

August 22nd 2014


Bertha Jorkins trying to navigation the stream towards their camping destination. She could have swore that they had passed this river bend before. 

Taken by Rita Skeeter who had an idea of where it was but couldn’t resist watching Bertha try to figure it out herself. She wouldn’t admit it to anyone but she found her to be rather adorable when she was flustered. circa. 1976


August 22nd 2014